3D Laser scanner Service

3D Laser scanner is a device that helps us capture the status quo, the object we want to handle in three dimensions.
From there using the software Trimble realworks classify and arrange each object according to customer requirements effectively and quickly as a pixel cloud (Point cloud).

The outstanding improvements are due with Autocad:

  • Checking on cloud data helps us determine the exact value of the work done, completed, dismantled with the fastest progress.
  • Support for accurate recognition of objects that need to be repaired quickly, as a basis for reconstructing architectural drawings without having to measure directly, saving time, labor costs and safety more and more efficient.


With a team of mechanical technicians more than 15 years of experience from Japan and domestically, the drawings are processed by Cadian Vietnam always:

Accurate - Saving - Timely

Cadian Vietnam:
Inheriting the leading knowledge heritage from Takamiya Corporation - Japan, Cadian Vietnam is determined to become a leading data processing company and provide scaffolding solutions in the construction industry in Vietnam.



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  • Chairman: Yasuko Kasahara
  • General Director: Nguyen Hoang Thao Minh


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