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With inheriting the leading knowledge heritage from Takamiya Corporation - Japan, Cadian Vietnam is determined to become a leading data processing and scaffolding solution supplying company in construction industry in Vietnam.

We are Cadian:

Cadian Vietnam Committed to bringing


We live in a constantly moving world, it is driven by the interleaving of national economies and the business activity of countless companies. Companies are established from tireless efforts of the members.

We believe that it is the place where it all started. We want to turn these into motivation for the development of company. That's the reason why we choose the love as the philosophy of our company.

Team Work

Enjoy the dedication of professional staff with over 20 years of industry experience


By continuous efforts to improve knowledge and dedication to the team Sleeping staff over 20 years of experience at home and abroad. Cadian Vietnam will commit bring ACCURATE technical solutions – SAFETY – SAVE, contribute positively for the construction industry in Vietnam

Company history:

As a member firm with 100% owned capital by Takamiya Group, Cadian Vietnam Co., Ltd. was established in 2005 with the initial staff of about 40 people. With the strength of experienced human resources from Japan and Vietnam, Cadian Vietnam has increasingly asserted its position and reputation in the field of drawing data processing service.
In 2018, Cadian Vietnam marked its new milestone in providing scaffolding solutions. Since then, Cadian Vietnam is growing and developing according to orientation of "committing to bring ACCURATE, SAFE- ECONOMICAL technical solutions, contributing to the development of construction industry in Vietnam"

Overview of Cadian Company:


03 Nguyen Luong Bang Street, Tan Phu Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City

MST: 0303751911

Chairman: Yasuko Kasahara

General Director: Nguyen Duc The Thoi

Tel: (028) 5416 5838

Established year: March 28, 2005
Charter capital: VND 56,970,600,000

Number of employees: 153 people
Owner: Takamiya Group (100%)

Name of organization: Cadian Joint Stock Company

Head office address: 4F, Frontier Shinjuku Tower, 3-9-7, Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku – ku, Tokyo, Japan

Leading in data processing and scaffolding solution







IQ Scaffolding

The Iq Scaffording System is a new generation scaffolding cover system manufactured by Hory Korea – a subsidiary of Takamiya Group. Iq System was born on the desire to make the overhead construction safer, reduce construction time and reduce maintenance and transportation costs.
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Confident, leading in the application of 3D design software such as Revit, Archi Cad, Sketchup to design and deploy 3D models, construction drawings. Cadian 3D design drawings can meet the most demanding requirements in the system of Architecture, Structure and Scaffolding.
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Nguyễn Hải Hùng
Nguyễn Hải HùngEngineer
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There is an advantage of Cadian engineering drawings that other companies do not. It is a staff of a lot of you are educated in Japan, so in addition to high expertise, your working style is very good, especially completed on time.
Phạm Tiến
Phạm TiếnProject engineer
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As an engineer who has worked with many construction companies, real estate at home and abroad, it is not natural that I choose products originating from Japan, not only using modern technology, the This product helps customers have a more confident view of the product, helps us to sell faster, build business reputation.
Phan Trọng Toàn
Phan Trọng ToànCMO
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As a reputable construction company in the construction industry, Tuan Le is very careful when choosing partners. Although we have only been with Cadian for nearly 2 years, we are quite confident about the quality of the Cadian scaffolding system, especially Iq sympathy, the new scaffolding structure helps us save money. Shipping and storage costs are quite good.
Nguyễn Vĩnh Lộc
Nguyễn Vĩnh LộcConstruction engineer
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When I met Cadian Business friends for the first time, I only intended to consult, after I learned that Cadian is a representative member of Takamaiya Group in Vietnam, I am very comfortable, because this is is one of the famous multinational corporations in Japan, with the support from the parent company with good expertise, it will be very beneficial for Cadian.


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Cadian Vietnam:
Inheriting the leading knowledge heritage from Takamiya Corporation - Japan, Cadian Vietnam is determined to become a leading data processing company and provide scaffolding solutions in the construction industry in Vietnam.




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